Together we can make a difference!

Kiting-for-kids is a group of avid kite boarders that have a love for the sport and a desire to make a difference. We raise funds through Kite events that go directly to the Children's Miracle Network and BC Children's Hospital. It's a win win! We do something we love and get to make a difference at the same time. We invite you to become a kitingforkids member and explore ways you to can make a difference.


Georgia Strait Crossing 2014 - 2015, Took Place July 3rd 2015!

The Second Georgia Strait crossing and fundraising efforts for the BC Children's Hospital  took place on July 3 2015.  11 Brave kiters took launch from Sebastion Beach in Lantzville B.C. ( a great launch for a NW).  7 kiters made the crossing successfully.  Tracked by support boat all kiters were nicely accounted for. "One thing is for sure,  the crossing will happen,  Spring is here and the kiters are ready!"  Said Ken Droog, organizer of the event.   "we knew it would happen, just a question of when"  Ken Said as they were taking to the waters this windy Friday morning of July 3 2015. 

 The take off point was from Sebastion Beach in Lantzville at the end of Sebastion Rd. on Vancouver Island to Davis Bay  coast line at Sechelt on the Mainland and returning back to Piper's Lagoon.   The distance is approximately 70 kilometers round trip wiith the support boat logging over 115km's on the water.  

Thank you everyone for the awesome support and desire to get involved,  this years crew was truly awesome!

Meet the 2014 Crossing Team and support crew:

Kiters:     Ken Droog,  Adrian Betanzo,  Allan Berry,  Betty Ann Knappett,  Dane Brown, Dennis McDonald, Donovan Ray, Harold Grindl, Ian Gastonguay, John Bridal, John Stathers, Marty Chomik,  Phil Cheevers, Scott Finnie, Phil Zenzen, Reed Radziszewski,  Rick Easthom,   Steve Maile, Steve Rubin, Todd Macsween, Rustin Abdurahman.  Tony Wilkins.

BOAT SUPPORT: Shawn Powell, Milton Barnes (Mercury Marine), 

For the CrossingJuly 3rd:  The Boat support will be Mike Oleksiuk ( Arrowsmith Moving and Storage).

BOAT SUPPORT TEAM: Rudi Widdershoven, Sandra Innes Gentleman


        ... What started as a conversation around coffee at the local coffee bar expanded to become kiting-for-kids.  And the group has now successfully met the enormous challenge and realizes the challenge is no where near what many Children and their families face at the BC Children's Hospital.   Thank you for your support and generous donations. 

Fundraising 2014-2015   



Together we can make a difference!